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After developing Consciousness Quotient Inventory - CQI (Brazdau, 2009), research showed the need for improvement. The purpose of the current studies was to adapt and improve the CQI by revealing how demographically heterogeneous participant group (N=12) cognitively evaluate the life situations described by the CQI items. The CQI was revised two ti...


... Timeline of the CQ-i development studies.PsiWorld 2012 Conference paper published in Procedia -Social and Behavioral Sciences: Consciousness Quotient Inventory improvement: Qualitative study using cognitive interviewing approach(Brazdau et al., 2013) All items were revised so that the statements would refer to behaviors instead of attitudes The Likert scale was modified to a six-level frequency scaleThe content validity was evaluated by a panel of 25 experts. Consequently, 40 items were excluded, and 27 items were re-worded New terminological clarifications were developed to operationalize the CQ construct better. ...