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Having attended universities in the U.S. and China, this educator shares his insight of the design industry and education in China.
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In this paper, we describe Expressing Intent - our initial exploration of rich interactions between human actors and three connected objects -- (1) a bookshelf that learns about taste, (2) a radio that determines mood, and (3) a window that augments visual reality. These objects interpret and express 'intent' in a multitude of ways within the conte...


... Summary: As discussed before, we evaluated a collection of patents as well as innovative ideas by large food companies that try to make the food ordering process more entertaining and streamline, taking away the norms of waitress/waiter interaction and replacing them with interactive computer systems that can process food or drink orders as well as take the payment, giving the customer a new experience as well as new social interactions 0:6 • Luke Jones and Charith Perera [29]. We also notice the strength of Arduino or likewise micro-controllers in the space of ubiquitous computing with both the Empowering Occupational Therapist [28] and MessageBag prototype [16] utilising them to great advantage. ...