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Teledermatology has developed rapidly in recent years and is nowadays an essential tool for early diagnosis. In this work, we aim to improve existing Teledermatology processes for skin lesion diagnosis by developing a deep learning approach for risk prioritization with a dataset of retrospective data from referral requests of the Portuguese Nationa...
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Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer and, with its increasing incidence, accurate early diagnosis is crucial to improve prognosis of patients. In the process of visual inspection, dermatologists follow specific dermoscopic algorithms and identify important features to provide a diagnosis. This process can be automated as such chara...


... In their study titled "Integrating Domain Knowledge into Deep Learning for Skin Lesion Risk Prioritization to Support Referral in Teledermatology", Carvalho et al. [5] present a novel hybrid DL-based method for skin lesion risk prioritisation. The proposed pipeline consists of image preprocessing, lesion segmentation, various training schemes for skin lesion classification, and a separate convolutional neural network (CNN)-based model for prioritisation. ...