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The objective of this study was to evaluate the physiological behavior of different tomato genotypes to assist in the selection of plants with tolerance to drought stress. It was used three blocks random and ten treatments: Eight genotypes F2RC1 [UFU80- F2RC1 #1 (3.5); UFU102- F2RC1 #7 (13.4); UFU102- F2RC1 #7 (13.3); UFU102- F2RC1 #7 (16.8); UFU10...


... In literature, great emphasis has been attributed to what is called water use efficiency (WUE), which is a useful feature for breeders to analyze when selecting genotypes presenting the desirable phenotypic performance, even when submitted to water deficiency. According to Rocha et al. (2016), selecting genotypes tolerant to water deficiency must consider mechanism to reduce water loss while maintaining biomass production. Those values displayed by line 16 confirmed its classification as "responsive to water availability improvement" and "tolerant in the presence of water deficiency". ...