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The sediments of Charkadio Cave (Island of Tilos) have been object of chemical and mineralogical investigation. Sampling the speleothems of Charkadio Cave, it is possible to look back into the island’s younger geological history. Tilos is of non-volcanic origin but neighbored to several volcanoes of the Aegean (Kos, Nisyros, and Giali). We observed...


... The high concentration of ferromagnesian like trace elements (V and Ni) in the sediments could be due to the weathering of amphibolites, or to its preferential incorporation into clay fractions (Das et al. 2006) or to heavy mineral accumulation into coarse-grained fraction (Wu et al. 2013). The weathering of feldspars induces the depletion of alkali trace elements such as Ba and Sr (Steinhauser et al. 2008) but both elements were accumulated along the profiles. The high Ba contents in the sediments might be a result of the source rock nature and the regime of surface processes while the high Zr content is related to the high proportion of zircon derived from felsic protolith as is the case reported by Ndjigui et al. (2019). ...