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This article describes socioeconomic conditions for the girl child among tribals in India. India has the largest tribal population in the world: about 67.7 million in 1991. 1 in every 12 Indian women is a tribal woman. Tribal populations are distributed unevenly across India. 85% of the tribal population live in the central belt extending from Guja...


... When they must take inappropriately heavy responsibilities, adolescent caretakers might become psychologically stressed leading to behavioral problems (UNICEF, 2004). It may affect their development (Dashora, 1995; RabainJamin et al., 2003), education (UNICEF, 2004; Watson-Gegeo and Gegeo, 1989), and physical health (Hames and Draper, 2004; UNICEF, 2001). Yet little has been known about the negative effects of sibling care responsibility on school performance and mental health conditions of adolescent student caretakers, particularly in developing countries. ...
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