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Managing the Challenges in Human Service Organizations: A Casebook offers current and aspiring human service managers a view into the kinds of experiences they will likely encounter to better prepare them for the world they are about to enter. The cases are inspired by real situations and are designed to encourage students to determine how they wou...


... While these free-standing programs meet a need that has not been catered to by mainstream treatment programs, they will need to evolve by remedying its separation from the (Native Hawaiian) health care system and pursuing solid evidence obtained in progress monitoring. This is an organizational challenge that human services professionals can play a crucial role in facilitating, both as support staff within the treating agencies able to relay information, and as a administrators with more direct influence over their organizations (Austin, Brody, & Packard, 2009;Woodside & McClam, 2015). Ideally, this would be followed by investments in quantifying data via progress monitoring to either integrate practice within a local community healthcare clinic or to form a consortium in which multiple providers partner to create a transdisciplinary team of medical and health practitioners to deliver optimal care. ...