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This paper explores whether regular involvement in a rural, country sport, frequently practised by older individuals, builds social capital and friendships, reduces loneliness, and positively impacts individuals’ health and wellbeing. Taking a critical realist, mixed-methods approach, using a recognised social impact assessment methodology theoreti...
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This mixed methods research study considers the economic and social impacts of upland, moorland management in the UK and compares them to nationally available data.


... In addition, González-Bernal et al. (2021), from a pretest/post-test design study, investigated the impact of using the Wii video game console ® on speed, walking balance, and risk of falls in older adults. Likewise, Santamaría-Guzmán et al (2015), address the learning and motor retention of a video game in older adults, which demanded a lot of mobility from the point of view of dance; Along these same lines, Corregidor-Sánchez et al (2021) analyze the usefulness of exergames played on three different video game consoles for the prevention of functional deterioration in the elderly; taking into account the rural context, Latham-Green et al. (2021), identify that participation in shooting games creates a social impact through the creation of social capital and the reinforcement of identity, which, according to the authors, generates a statistically significant positive impact on mental health and well-being ; likewise, Li et al. (2020) structured a video game that combines cognitive and physical training in a virtual reality environment, demonstrating how a multitasking game, based on virtual reality, can have a positive impact on the physical and cognitive health of the elderly. ...