Pratul Goswami's research while affiliated with Second Military Medical University, Shanghai and other places

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A new sterol glycoside clerosterol 3β-o-[β-d-glucoside] along with clerosterol, sitosterol, octacosanol and fatty acids has been isolated from the leaves of Clerodendron colebrookianum. Their structures have been characterised by spectral analysis and the C-24 (S/β) configuration in clerosterol was also confirmed.


... Few important phytochemicals have been reported from the leaves of CG viz. verbascoside, martynoside, osmanthuside b6, olenoleic acid, b-sitosterol, colebroside A, maslinic acid, colebrin A-E (Yang et al., 2000a(Yang et al., , 2000b, clerosterol 3b-O-b-Dglucoside etc. (Goswami et al., 1996). All these claims make it a prospective choice for the development of novel phytopharmaceutical against said diseases. ...