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Geometry and growth and division direction of individual cells are major contributors to plant organ shape and these processes are dependent on dynamics of microtubules (MT). Different MT structures, like the cortical microtubules, preprophase band and mitotic spindle, are characterized by diverse architectural dynamics (Hashimoto, 2015). While sev...


... The changes in microtubule composition and mutations in microtubule-associated proteins can lead to twisted growth of plant organs [29]. IQD family members of microtubule-associated proteins, as different signal integrators, can connect auxin signals to the downstream microtubule regulator SPR2, while IQD proteins bind to SPR2, thus inhibiting the function of microtubule end stabilization [26,27,32]. In this study, the expression of microtubule-related gene IQD1 was significantly downregulated in the twisted branch of 'Dongzao' mutant. ...