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The primary objective of this paper is to determine to what extent disturbances in the fluency of language production of children who clutter might be related to, or differ from difficulties in the same underlying processes of language formulation seen in children with learning disabilities. It is hypothesized that an increase in normal dysfluencie...


... The frequency of normal disfluencies in fluent speakers is reported to range between 3.1% (De Nil et al., 2005) and about 9.7% (Blokker et al., 2010;Eggers et al., 2010) in a group of young children and adolescents. In some PWC, normal disfluencies can be as frequent as 35% ( van Zaalen-op't Hof et al., 2009c). In contrast, people who stutter tend to produce fewer than 5% normal disfluencies ( van Zaalen-op't Hof et al., 2009c). ...