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It is shown here that there are exactly eight different sets of symmetry planes that are admissible for an elasticity tensor. Each set can be seen as the generator of an associated group characterizing one of the traditional symmetry classes.


... Transportation network is also an element forming a residence environment for humans in doing activities. Theory of Ekistics proposed by Doxiadis in [46], stated that beside transportation, that environment is formed by the nature, man, society, shell (home / residence), and the last is the network including transport network. Systematically, these five ekistic elements form an environment in which humans live. ...
... In the absence of eigenstrains, Yavari et al. [52] characterized the universal displacements of linear elasticity for all the eight anisotropy classes. In this section, we extend their work to anisotropic linear anelasticity for all the eight symmetry classes: triclinic, monoclinic, tetragonal, trigonal, orthotropic, transversely isotropic, and cubic [3][4][5]40]. Consider a homogeneous body made of a linear elastic solid with elasticity tensor C abcd that has major C abcd = C cdab and minor symmetries C abcd = C bacd . ...