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Biochar-amended soils influence the degradation of herbicides depending on the pyrolysis temperature, application rate, and feedstock used. The objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of sugarcane straw biochar (BC) produced at different pyrolysis temperatures (350 • C, 550 • C, and 750 • C) and application rates in soil (0, 0.1, 0.5,...
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Biochar is a solid material derived from different feedstocks that is added to the soil for various agronomic and environmental purposes, such as nutrient sources and CO 2 emission mitigators. In modern agriculture, the application of herbicides directly in the soil is common for pre-emergent weed control; however, biochars may interfere in the deg...


... For example, the application of biochar in the soil is strongly correlated with herbicide degradation processes [84]. The authors stated that if the goal is to apply the herbicide in pre-emergence after adding biochar to the soil, caution should be taken as biochar can either decrease or increase the persistence of the chemical, affecting weed control efficacy over time. ...