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Background The general practitioner (GP) is central to managing patients with cancer, whose numbers are increasing worldwide. The GP’s involvement requires better coordination between involved partners, in particular oncologists and GPs. Objectives To conduct a feasibility study of remote participation of GPs in multi-disciplinary consultation mee...


... Implementation methods are diverse: standardized mailing, use of electronic support and relational exchanges between health professionals. The timing of information exchange between health professionals can also vary: during the initial oncology consultation, during the multidisciplinary consultation [12], during the announcement of the diagnosis of cancer [13], for shared decision-making of cancer treatment decisions [6], or at the time of discharge from hospital [14]. The quality of information transmission impacts the quality of care, the satisfaction of patients and GPs, and results in more frequent use of primary care, and a decrease in the number of hospitalizations due to adverse effects of anti-neoplastic treatments [15]. ...