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Many researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers continue to raise questions about the role of the Internet in facilitating violent extremism and terrorism. A surge in research on this issue notwithstanding, relatively few empirically-grounded analyses are yet available. This chapter provides researchers with five key suggestions for progressing...


... Over the past decade, related research begun to emerge more rapidly accompanied by ISIS' dominant rise in online terrorism and the ever-growing presence of online right-wing extremism (RWE) (Conway, 2018). Accordingly, our own review of the number of articles that were published on online extremism or terrorism over the past 15 years Despite the rapid academic advances that inform counter extremist activities, the augmenting impact of digital technologies (e.g., social media, encrypted messaging, artificial intelligence, blockchain) for extremism and the novel support that digital technologies afford countermeasures have not yet been fully explored (Conway, 2017;Khalil, 2021;Scrivens et al., 2020;Winter et al., 2020). A recent literature review ascertains that one of the greatest remaining challenges of online extremism is the rapidly changing technological landscape (Winter et al., 2020). ...