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Introduction to a critical edition of 33 selected short stories by Alexander Moritz Frey (1881-1957): Alexander M. Frey: Der Mensch und andere Erzählungen. Elsinor, 2021.
Kritische Ausgabe ausgewählter Kurzgeschichten Alexander Moritz Freys (1881-1957), die teilweise unveröffentlicht waren. Critical edition of 33 previously published and unpublished short stories by Alexander Moritz Frey (1881-1957).
Afterword that offers some context to "Alexander Moritz Frey, Verteufeltes Theater. Ein Faust-Roman," Elsinor Verlag, 2020.
This article explores Alexander Moritz Frey's use of topoi from the fable genre to satirize the political right during the Weimar Republic, particularly in its most extreme form, National Socialism. It focuses on four short narrative texts, two of them still unpublished, which attack militarism, expansionist politics, and the Nazi doctrines of raci...