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Tinnitus is a prevalent condition among different populations. As the nature of tinnitus is subjective, self-reported measures have been validated and utilized to assess psychometric properties of tinnitus patients. Without exception, Chinese clinicians have administered these measures to patients in mainland China after cross-cultural adaptation....


... To the knowledge of researchers, no less than 20 of self-rating questionnaires have been utilized in clinical practice globally, which include the Tinnitus Questionnaire (TQ), Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI), Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire (TRQ) and Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI). 7 The lack of an objective measure of tinnitus has led to self-report questionnaire as the best option to evaluate tinnitus symptom and quantify the degree to which quality of life is negatively impacted. 8 These effects are not related to the physical characteristics of tinnitus such as perceived loudness; although its effect show high inter-subject variability. ...