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The South African Higher Education Funding Framework uses funding as a lever to achieve equitable student access, quality teaching and research, and, improved student retention and success. Maximizing the institution's subsidy from the national Department of Education via teaching input and output grants necessitates innovative strategies pre- and...


... The concern over high failure and student dropout rates led to the intensification of structured student support interventions aimed at widening participation that is accompanied by successful completion of studies, with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) even committing to funding student support resources through a Teaching Development Grant (Department of Education 2004;Essack et.al 2010). This funding and other investments made towards student support interventions has made it possible for higher education institutions to introduce a range of student support interventions from as early as pre-enrolment up to completion of studies (Essack et al. 2010) and they are starting to yield positive results. The students drawn from disadvantaged backgrounds are reported to be coping well and succeeding in their studies (Essack et al. 2010;Ross 2014;Ross & MacGregor 2012). ...