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This article presents the results of an institutional analysis on the stream valley of the Drentsche Aa in Northern Netherlands. The analysis starts in the 1960s when nature conservationists proposed to give the Drentsche Aa a new status as National Park. Government did not allow this until 1993. Yet, it took almost ten years, until 2002, to open t...


... The then Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Fisheries followed the advice of the Provisional Committee and in 1993 the Drentsche Aa was included as a potential future National Park in the National Structure Plan for Green Areas (Structuurschema Groene Ruimte). At the provincial level, the status of 'potential future National Park' for the Drentsche Aa area was adopted in the Provincial Nature Policy Plan and in the Provincial Spatial Plan (see also Padt & Leroy, 2006). ...