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Human settlements are often at risk from multiple hydro-meteorological hazards, which include fluvial floods, short-time extreme precipitation (leading to ′pluvial′ floods), or coastal floods. In the past, considerable scientific effort has been devoted to assessing fluvial floods. Only recently have methods been developed to assess the hazard and...


... Cowpertwait et al., 1996;Koutsoyiannis et al., 2003;Onof and Wang, 2020;Rodriguez-Iturbe et al., 1987, studied the cluster-based Poisson process for stochastic rainfall modeling. Wójcik and Buishand, 2003;Westra et al., 2012;Breinl et al., 2015;Breinl and Di Baldassarre, 2019, put forward another model based on the method of fragments. Olsson (1998) has modeled the scaling behavior of rainfall using a cascade process called microcanonical multiplicative random cascade (MMRC) model. ...