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The study examined the effect of Performance Appraisal on Employee Productivity in Plateau State Internal Revenue Service. The study was guided by two objectives and two null hypotheses of no significant relationship. The study adopts survey research design. The population of the study consists of all 1580 employees of PSIRS. The sample size of the...


... Nadeem et al, (2013), affirms that performance appraisal involves an employee knowing what is expected of him and remain focused with the help of the supervisor, telling them how well they have done which motivate the employees toward good performance. According to Sumumma, Aule, and Hangeior, (2007), performance appraisal measures and evaluates the results of the performance of employees, pointing out their potentialities and deficiencies so that they can improve over time. In general, a good appraisal system is so fundamental to the management of employees in any organization for improving their productivity. ...