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The Oxford House model for substance abuse recovery has potential economic advantages associated with the low cost of opening up and maintaining the settings. In the present study, annual program costs per person were estimated for Oxford House based on federal loan information and data collected from Oxford House Inc. In addition, annual treatment...
This paper describes how a research team at DePaul University is applying recent advances in technology to facilitate the implementation of a large-scale, community research project. The application of technology by members of the social sciences has often focused on advances in computational technologies to provide faster and more sophisticated wa...
"May 30th, 2001." Typescript. "The report of the investigation undertaken as a senior thesis, to carry two courses of credit in the Department of Psychology." Thesis (B.A.)--Lake Forest College, 2001. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 27-31). With distinction.


... That issue also contained smaller-scale studies of Oxford Houses as well as qualitative and quantitative data regarding intrapersonal variables (Davis, Dziekan, et al., 2006;Kim, Davis, Jason, & Ferrari, 2006). Those studies also included both local and national residents (d 'Arlach et al., 2006) and contextual characteristics and policy implications (Braciszewski, Olson, Jason, & Ferrari, 2006;Ferrari, Jason, Blake, Davis, & Olson, 2006;Olson et al., 2006). ...