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Network Analysis is an established method in learning analytics research. Network Analysis has been used to analyze learners' interactions, to inform learning design, and to model students' performance. The workshop entitled "Using Network Science in Learning Analytics: Building Bridges towards a Common Agenda", carried out within the LAK2021 confe...
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For over five decades, researchers have used network analysis to understand educational contexts, spanning diverse disciplines and thematic areas. The wealth of traditions and insights accumulated through these interdisciplinary efforts is a challenge to synthesize with a traditional systematic review. To overcome this difficulty in reviewing 1791...


... This is the introductory article to the Networks and Learning Analytics (NetSciLA22) Workshop, held within the broader context of the 12th International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge (LAK22), organized by the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) online. The main objective of the workshop was to address new themes that might emerge as challenges and opportunities, while sharing perspectives and strengthening the community ties of scholars working in the field of learning network analytics [1]. The workshop continued the work already done at NetSciLa21 last year [2]. ...