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The ear is the part of the body that is used for hearing. Information about the world is acquired through hearing. Anybody that hears nothing around him, no matter how loud the sound is should be seen as having ear problem. It is a condition or rather an impairment which is a physical, observable condition of tissue that can affect the function of...


... Concerning financial constraints, the current results found that there was significant statistical difference between family income and maternal obstacles as families with insufficient income experienced more obstacles compared to families with sufficient income (Table V). This finding might be due to the cost of frequent transportation, periodic checkup, expensive hearing aids and their maintenance, high cost of cochlear implant, and medications which cause extreme financial burden for many families (Nwadinobi, 2019). This finding is congruent with that of Karst and Hecke (2012) who reported that insufficient income can significantly intensify maternal obstacles. ...