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Ontologies can play an important role in industrial systems by enabling access to Legacy resources in a transparent and distributed way. Ontologies are developed in order to provide machine-processable semantics of information that is exchanged between different agents, either humans or software. The same mechanism can be used for Legacy service di...


... It is used in the fields of semantic Web and database systems [Gruber, 2008], library sciences [Ding and Foo, 2002], routing systems [Winter and Tomko, 2006], Information Systems and software development [Mavetera, 2007; Aβmann et al., 2006; Dristas et al., 2005; Corcho et al., 2006], to mention but a few. Ontology has also been used in accessing legacy resources [Simonov et al., 2004] through an ontology-driven natural language Web-based access system. More interestingly, Soffer et al. [2001] used ontologies to bridge the gap between business requirements and off-the-shelf Information Systems software capabilities in order to adapt the business to software capabilities. ...