Nicola Steinmetz's research while affiliated with Nestlé S.A. and other places

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Social media content can spread quickly, particularly that generated by users themselves. This is a problem for businesses as user-generated content (UGC) often portrays brands negatively and, when mishandled, may turn into a crisis. This paper presents a framework for crisis management that incorporates insights from research on social media users...


... The current literature has been found to describe the attributes and advantages of DCM, and numerous empirical studies have been conducted to find the influences of SNM on OPI (Yang et al., 2016;Bolat and O'Sullivan, 2017). Research on the impact of Social Media Content Marketing (SMCM) on brand health indicated that SMCM plays a vital role in brand health since it acts as the inter-connection for a potential customer to grasp the brand's information (Canhoto et al., 2015;Ahmad et al., 2016;Kareem et al., 2016;Mason et al., 2021a). However, no study has investigated the effectiveness of DCM on both immediate and long-term OPI simultaneously. ...