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Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among women globally, caused by mutations in the estrogen/progesterone receptors, and conventional treatment methods are commonly utilized. About 70–80 percent of individuals with the early-stage non-metastatic disease may be cured. Conventional treatment is far less than the optimal ratio, as...


... Various drug delivery systems have been developed to overcome the harmful side effects, drug loss and degradation, and poor bioavailability issues associated with drugs (Torchilin, 2001;Panyam & Labhasetwar, 2003). Surfactants, soluble polymers, microcapsules, cell-penetrating peptides, micelles, lipoproteins, liposomes, and microparticles made up of biodegradable natural or synthetic polymers are examples of some of the most commonly used drug carriers (Reddy & Swarnalatha, 2010;Tagde et al., 2022). Each nanocarrier has its own merits and demerits therefore, the choice of selection of nanocarrier depends on relevant considerations (Torchilin, 2001). ...