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The paper brings together social mindfulness as a path of empowerment for women within its concept of the interrelatedness of all beings in the web of life. The paradigm of social mindfulness is thus established as the foundation of feminist spirituality. The focus of this work is on the possibility of applying the ethics of mindfulness as a paradi...


... Feminist theorists have long linked restricted agency with women's eating-related issues, articulating how these issues stem from social constructions of women's bodies and appetites. 65,70,71 Mindfulness training has been shown to increase self-confidence and perceived control over one's life, [72][73][74] and as an embodied contemplative practice, may allow women to reflect upon and ultimately reject these constructions. This intellectual transformation could have contributed to the women's shift from negative to positive embodiment, consistent with how the women reframed their notions regarding the relationships between eating, weight, and self-worth (thereby promoting adaptive coping and selfcare behaviors). ...