Nada Khoury's scientific contributions

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Women to-day don't need to be encouraged to take science; they are doing it by their own choice. One does not gain a knowledge of science merely by attending math and science courses. He or she gains it by developing a spirit of scientificcuriosity, rational thinking, objectivity, truthfulness and readiness to acknowledge one's mistakes.


... The issue included a research study on Egyptian women and children, an article titled "Women and Science at BUC," viii and discussions of traditional Iranian women's coping strategies, ix Saudi Arabian women working within an Islamic framework, x and the revival of the veil. xi Furthermore, "Women and Peace" by Nada Khoury (1983) summarized "women's peace activities" in Sweden, Poland, Cuba, the Philippines, and South Africa, ending with a call to prevent violence both inside and outside the home in Lebanon. The shift in methodology, from presenting research studies and documenting development organizations' recommendations to articulating a more ethnographic approach, continued to develop throughout the next couple years of the journal. ...