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In the present study, Lean construction introduction was treated as an innovation in construction. Not much empirical evidence exists to understand the relationship between the Lean tools and the effectiveness of the Lean implementation. The present study aims at filling this gap by understanding the relationship between the team dynamics in big ro...


... Such variations can be understood as: 1. The individual or partial implementation of specific LC processes and tools (e.g., Sainath et al. 2018;Comelli et al. 2019), like Kanban (Sacks et al. 2012), the Last Planner (LP) system (Neve and Wandahl 2018;Ballard 2020b), and target value delivery (Ballard 2020a), and 2. Different levels of integration between LC and other frameworks, tools, and methodologies, like, e.g., total quality management (Oakland and Marosszeky 2006), location-based planning (Kenley and Seppänen 2010), virtual design and construction (VDC) (J. Kunz and M. Fischer, "Virtual design and construction: Themes, case studies and implementation suggestions," CIFE working paper, Stanford University), visual management (Tjell 2016), six sigma (Plenert and Plenert 2018), sustainability (Carvajal-Arango et al. 2019), integrated project delivery (Alves and Lichtig 2020), and building information modeling (BIM) (Dave and Sacks 2020). ...