N. Chomsky's scientific contributions


... P-stranding in constructions such as (3-5) featured prominently in the 1970's and 1980's debate on whether preposition stranding in the North and West Germanic languages is derived by Wh-movement (Chomsky 1977;Chomsky & Lasnik 1977;van Riemsdijk 1978: 286-297;Jan Vat 1978;van Kemenade 1987), or by a second relativisation strategy of deletion over a variable (Maling 1976;Bresnan & Grimshaw 1978;Maling 1978;Allen 1977Allen , 1980, which may involve long distance deletion. This debate has been resolved to the extent that, as far as the data can show us, both strategies are subject to Subjacency (Allen 1980;van Kemenade 1987): they both respect the Complex NP constraint and the Wh-island constraint, and occur only in constructions that allow COMP to COMP movement. ...
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