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A sustainable and wholesome food supply is the most important incentive that has led to an increasing interest in ancient wheats over the past few decades. Domestication of wheat, followed by breeding efforts, largely over the past 2 centuries, has resulted in yield increases but with grain quality deterioration due to the reduction of protein, vit...


... Cluster-und Hauptkomponentenanalysen ergaben schließlich, dass die Anwendung von STI und YSI beim Screening von Wildgenotypen auf Salztoleranz zu einer stabileren Bestimmung der salztolerantesten Genotypen führt. Grains, making up more than 80% of the world's food supply, are threatened by climate change under multiple abiotic stresses, including drought, salinity, and heat (Arzani and Ashraf 2017). Genetic improvement for higher tolerance to abiotic stresses is one of the most economical and sustainable methods to enhance crop productivity and stability (Arzani and Ashraf 2016;Blum 1988;Hussain 2021 6 ). ...