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This article will attempt to critically analyse various aspects of the state of trauma. It will analyse the impact, consequences and effects of trauma resultant from excommunication of clergy and how the practice has been handed down through the ages. The ultimate aim of the authors is an understanding of how excommunication evolved throughout the...


... Individuals who are rejected by the collective find this state as quite distressful. The experience of ex-communication has been found to be very negative in a large number of studies and also found to have implications for the health and wellbeing of individuals(Bloom, White & Asher, 1979;Kubeka & Masango, 2010;Major & O'Brien, 2005;Schmitt & Branscombe, 2002). It affects the whole being of an individual, his perceptions, cognitions, emotions and in fact, his overall behaviour.Ravi (2007) presents an interesting analysis of 'metissage'( racial and cultural mixing) based on novels written by three mixed race individuals, a Franco-Vietnamese, Mauritian-Creole and Vietnamese-Senegalese, in societies in which race is considered an essential category and mixed-race individuals, whether male or female, are considered inferior objects. ...