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Azure-A is one of the phenothiazines (PTZs) derivatives which for decades have been used as antipsychotic drugs due to good lipophilic characteristics which enable them to pass through the blood brain barrier (BBB), besides the important property of enabeling investigation of the pathological forms of aggregated tau protein found in the neurons of...


... Many radionuclides such as 99m Tc,125 I,131 I,201 Tl,111 In, and 67 Ga are used for radiopharmaceutical production (Essa et al., 2022;Abdulwahab et al., 2020). Targeting a specific synthetic organic compound or natural extract used for therapy or diagnosis cannot occur without a tracing mechanism, which is accomplished by radionuclide-labeling of target molecules (Abdelaziz et al., 2019b;Aljuhr et al., 2021). Technetium-99m ( 99m Tc) complexes are the most favorable and efficient radio-diagnostic tool for many cancers as well as non-cancer diseases involving a variety of organs such as kidneys, liver, bone, heart, thyroid, and lungs . ...