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In this paper, the flashlight (FL) algorithm, which is categorized as a heuristic method, has been suggested to determine the ultimate pit limit (UPL). In order to apply the suggested algorithm and other common algorithms, such as the dynamic programming, the Korobov, and the floating cone, and to validate the capability of the proposed method, the...


... A hypothetical flashlight is applied, in which all blocks that were illuminated determine the ultimate pit limit for an iteration, then the positive blocks are evaluated and placed on a blocklist or in a whitelist, the first consisting of blocks that must be forgotten, while the second groups the blocks that can be in the main or replaced flashlights. An application in a cross section of an iron ore deposit showed that the flashlight heuristic reached the same value as a rigorous approach (the dynamic programming algorithm discussed below), obtaining great improvements compared to the floating cone and Korobov's algorithms [17,[28][29][30][31][32]. ...