Miguel Moreno-Moya's research while affiliated with University of Valencia and other places

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Questions: Is rock climbing pressure, together with microtopographic conditions, disturbing cliff plant cover and composition? What are the climbing impacts on rock specialist and non-specialist species? Can a case-control approach, not previously implemented in cliff environments, offer additional value for actual and long-term ecological research...


... Few other Valeriana species are able to grow abundantly in damp rock-cliffs at this high altitude, directly rooted in fissures or small soil pockets (e.g., V. chilensis Borsini in Chile or V. ruizlealii Borsini in Argentina). Rock-cliffs are challenging habitats with high erosion rates, limited soil depth and nutrients availability (Mathaux 2017;March-Salas et al. 2018). Mountain microclimatic conditions at high elevations are also severe due to high insolation and extreme low temperatures (Gale 1972). ...