Michelle Reid's research while affiliated with University of Nevada, Las Vegas and other places

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There is concern that elevated levels of selenium found in the source water of a newly formed wetland park in Las Vegas, Nevada, may have detrimental effects on local wildlife. In this study, we collected and analyzed water samples monthly for a three year period from the inflow and outflow of the system. We also gathered dominant aquatic plants an...


... The content of Se in water at all sampling sites did not exceed the acceptable value of 2 lg Se L À1 at the time of sampling (Lemly, 1993). In the study of Pollard et al. (2007) the content of Se in water from wetland, which indirectly receives discharge of wastewaters, ranged from 9.9 to 24.7 lg Se L À1 . The values in polluted waters in the Arkansas River basin ranged from 1 to 240 lg Se L À1 (Canton and Van Derveer, 1997). ...