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Background Toxoplasmosis is becoming a global health hazard as it infects 30-50% of the world human population. Clinically, the life-long presence of the parasite in tissues of a majority of infected individuals is usually considered asymptomatic. However, a number of studies show that this 'asymptomatic infection' may also lead to development of o...


... Humans, as IH, present a third or more people who have been exposed to infection with T. gondii. The prevalence ranges widely (10-85%) between nations, geographical areas within a country [7], socioeconomic conditions, climate (warm, humid tropical areas, cold-temperate, or desert regions), poor sanitation, a lack of clean water, and poor hygiene [44]. Toxoplasmosis is classified into an acute acquired infection (horizontal transmission) and a congenital infection (CT) [45] with an incubation period from 10 to 23 days after consuming tissue cysts and from 5 to 10 days following the consumption of oocysts [10,46]. ...