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Dijksterhuis and van Knippenberg (1998) reported that participants primed with an intelligent category (“professor”) subsequently performed 13.1% better on a trivia test than participants primed with an unintelligent category (“soccer hooligans”). Two unpublished replications of this study by the original authors, designed to verify the appropriate...


... Regrettably, however, the current state of the field concerning priming research in general is quite chaotic. Recent replication failures of "classic" behavioural priming effects (e.g., Chabris et al. 2019;Doyen et al. 2012;O'Donnell et al. 2018;Shanks et al. 2013) and highly publicized discussions regarding "Questionable Research Practices" (John et al. 2012;Kerr 1998) have understandably cast doubts on many conclusions derived from published priming research, especially in social psychology. Germane to the present discussion, although a series of meta-analyses of religious priming studies yielded small-to-moderate effects , other analyses using alternative methods for correcting publication bias (van Elk et al. 2015) and recent replication attempts that did not find significant priming effects (e.g., Gomes and McCullough 2015;Verschuere et al. 2018) ...