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The world is experiencing a technology shift. In 2011, more touchscreen-based mobile devices like smartphones and tablets will be sold than desktops, laptops, and netbooks combined. In fact, in many cases incredibly powerful and easy-to-use smart phones are going to be the first and, in less developed countries, possibly the only computing devices...


... Only one study (1/261) presents an approach that is implemented specifically for the iOS platform. Other less popular platforms are almost completely absent, with only one study (1/261) implementing the proposed analysis on TouchDevelop scripts [233]. We speculate that the reason for this disproportion, in addition to the ones already evidenced in the discussion of the platform specificity parameter, stem from the fact that some of the most popular static analysis frameworks (e.g., Soot [238] and WALA [208]) are adapted to support analysis of Android apps. ...