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This article examines the rational, power and political considerations of internal marketing (IM) when implementing a change management initiative, such as re-branding. Based on the findings of a qualitative case study of a Canadian university and the views of multiple stakeholder groups, additional considerations have been identified that relate t...


... The marketing function contributes to formulating and implementing changes in favor of customer orientation and, as a result, enables the firm's market orientation (Rust, 2020). Although marketing responsibility in change processes has been conceptually articulated in previous research (Heyden et al., 2020;Piercy, 2001), limited empirical investigations and understanding of the role that marketing plays in strategic change exist (Finney & Scherrebeck-Hansen, 2010). A review of relevant research shows that this theme is mainly addressed at the organizational level in two theoretical areas: the internal marketing view and the resource-based view in marketing. ...