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Abstract. Thesis (M.S.)--Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. Vita. Bibliography: leaves 60-65.


... The distribution and composition of wetland plant communities within the Barataria Basin has been described by a number of researchers (Penfound and Hathaway 1938;O'Neil 1949;Chabreck 1970Chabreck , 1972Chabreck and Linscombe 1978;and Wicker 1980). Primary productivity has been measured in the swamps (Conner and Day 1976;Conner et al. 1981), in the marshes (Kirby and Gosselink 1976;Hopkinson et al. 1978Hopkinson et al. , 1980, in the bayous and other water bodies (Allen 1975;Butler 1975;Day et al. 1977;McNamara 1978;Hopkinson and Day 1979), and in the Gulf of Mexico (Sklar 1976). In this chapter the major wetland habitats of the Barataria Basin are described, and t,he factors influencing species distribution and productivity are discussed. ...