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The rigidity-of-the-right hypothesis (RRH), which posits that cognitive, motivational, and ideological rigidity resonate with political conservatism, is an influential but controversial psychological account of political ideology. Here, we leverage several methodological and theoretical sources of this controversy to conduct an extensive quantitati...


... For non-political beliefs, however, our results were less clear-cut. Conservatives tended to be much higher on domain-general dogmatism than liberals, suggesting that conservatives are either psychologically disposed toward dogmatism (Altemeyer, 2002;Crowson, 2009;Duckitt, 2009) or are motivated to describe and understand themselves as dogmatic (see Costello, Bowes, Baldwin, et al., 2021). Still, (a) these left-right asymmetries appeared to be largely or entirely driven by variation in social conservatism (see Malka & Soto, 2015) and (b) domain-general dogmatism increased at the extreme left. ...