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In order to colonize environments with large O 2 gradients or fluctuating O 2 levels, bacteria have developed metabolic responses that remain incompletely understood. Such adaptations have been recently linked to antibiotic resistance, virulence, and the capacity to develop in complex ecosystems like the microbiota. Here, we identify a novel pathwa...
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Most bacteria can generate ATP by respiratory metabolism, in which electrons are shuttled from reduced substrates to terminal electron acceptors, via quinone molecules like ubi quinone. Dioxygen (O 2 ) is the terminal electron acceptor of aerobic respiration and serves as a co-substrate in the biosynthesis of ubi quinone. Here, we characterize a no...


... biosynthesis, UbiU and UbiV, but shows poor conservation of the putative cysteine ligands for the Fe-S cluster 49 . The presence of an Fe-S cluster on TrhP or RlhA has yet to be confirmed. ...