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The learning and teaching strategy Learning by INquiry and Design (LIND) aims not only at developing scientific concepts, but also at so-called scientific attitudes and a great diversity of skills. Using the LIND strategy pupils are confronted with realistic situations that require mathematical skills. We observed that in this situations pupils exp...
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Wetenschap & technologie in het basis-en speciaal onderwijs SLO • nationaal expertisecentrum leerplanontwikkeling Richtinggevend leerplankader bij het leergebied Oriëntatie op jezelf en de wereld


... To this end, both an extensive quantitative model, to analyze the influence of multiple individual differences on learning outcomes (content knowledge and situational interest), as well as a more in-depth qualitative analysis, to understand the role of individual differences within the learning process, were used. This study is the first to take individual differences into account for both inquiry-and design-based learning, related didactic approaches within S&T-education in the Netherlands (Van Graft and Klein Tank, 2018). ...
... can reflect on their learning (Harlen & Léna, 2011;Tanis, Dobber, Zwart, & van Oers, 2014;Van Graft & Kemmers, 2007). These teaching activities are believed to positively influence S&T teaching (Harlen, 2013). ...