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1. To be effective, the next generation of conservation practitioners and managers need to be critical thinkers with a deep understanding of how to make evidence‐based decisions and of the value of evidence synthesis. 2. If, as educators, we do not make these priorities a core part of what we teach, we are failing to prepare our students to make an...


... The time spent in literature search should be minimized considering the rapid pace of environmental degradation and an urgent need to react quickly (Xu et al., 2022). Specialized platforms (Livoreil et al., 2017;Sutherland et al., 2019;Downey et al., 2021), systematic reviews and meta-analyses (Moreira-Arce et al., 2018;Torres et al., 2018;van Eeden et al., 2018;Lozano et al., 2019;Khorozyan, 2022), and evidence prioritization (Malmer et al., 2020) boost the efficient search of the literature on conservation interventions. ...