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In the paper we proposed and tested on a real industrial case, related to a company in the segment of Agricultural Equipment, an approach to design asynchronous assembly lines in compliance with ergonomic legislation. We considered the OCRA index as method for ergonomic risk assessment, as it is the preferred method indicated in international norms...


... In the literature, works tried to introduce ergonomics issues mainly focussing on fully manual assembly lines to mitigate the risks and reduce MSDs. Most articles in the literature consider ergonomics with a risk assessment criteria, such as the occupational repetitive actions index (OCRA) (Otto and Scholl 2011;Baykasoglu et al. 2017;Tiacci and Mimmi 2018), with OCRA being a method of evaluating the musculoskeletal load of the upper limbs. Other works consider a customised general ergonomics assessment risk, such as environment, postural, and physical load (Choi 2009;Mutlu and Özgörmüş 2012;Bautista, Alfaro-Pozo, and Batalla-García 2016). ...