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The concept of Reverse Engineering is used in many fields of IT every day, to name just a few: legacy compatibility, binary code patching, malware analysis, network protocols analysis, debugging or even rapid prototyping. Despite its broad use, reverse engineering is not actively taught as a part of computer science courses. This paper tries to pro...
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Peer-to-Peer (P2P) currently represents the single largest portion of Internet's traffic. It is well known that the redundancy rate in P2P networks is very high; in fact redundancy is the main concept behind P2P. Th is paper will show how much traffic P2P generates and how much of it is redundant. The popularity distribution in P2P networks will be...


... However, programming languages have an abstract structure (Gomes & Mendes, 2007) and situations such as new beginners often seeing the programming process as complex (Erol & Kurt, 2017) and difficult (Robins et al., 2003) pose certain obstacles in programming education. A sufficient programming education can be conducted through implementing learning scenarios that target the problemsolving and creative thinking skills of individuals (Klimek et al., 2011). This aims to increase the students' self-efficacy in programming as they learn to structure their knowledge more robustly. ...