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En el desarrollo integral de las personas y los países, el éxito escolar de niñas y niños, en el marco de la educación inclusiva, es esencial; uno de los componentes para el logro del mismo es el trabajo colaborativo, por lo que se consideró pertinente indagar acerca de las acciones interdisciplinarias para la promoción del éxito escolar a nivel de...
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Phonological awareness refers to a global awareness of the sound structures of speech and the ability to manipulate those structures. Children with phonological awareness problems may have difficulty associating environmental sounds with appropriate objects and they generally do not play with sounds. This paper describes the manufacturing process o...


... Taking into consideration this experience and with positive results in the interaction, a new research question appeared, "It is possible to use the kit to stimulate phonological awareness in children with non-special conditions", to do it, it was necessary to make a kit´s adaptation to Ecuadorian context, creating a kit called Kiteracy-PiFo ( Fig. 1) based on the Picto-Phonic (PiFo) alphabetization methodology, which is composed by a teddy bear with an RFID lector incorporated and 30 labels representing alphabet´s letters. There were manufactured 25 kits to conduct the preexperimental longitudinal study, to assess the effectiveness of interventions in children aged between 6 and 7 years [22]. The teddy bear contained cards RFID with the technical specification LANMU Smart ID Card Reader EM4099 USB -Proximity Sensor of 125 kHz. ...