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microRNAs (miRNAs), short RNAs of 21-25 nucleotides, are implied in gene expression and regulation, in biological processes and in human pathologies including cancer. Since miRNAs of plant origin can survive digestion and cooking and enter in animal (including human) sera and tissues, their intervention in mammalian gene expression and regulation m...


... This implies the capacity, at a material level, to make specific biological entities which become manipulated through their technologisation. The development of genetic editing or nuclear transfer techniques, for instance, has enabled the possibility of creating new or hybridised life forms such as transgenic crops, crispr/cas9 or human-animal chimeras, by transferring and combining distinct biological organisms or material in novel ways (Brown 2012;Chrupek et al. 2012;Hansen 2013;Pavone and Martinelli 2015). ...